"Ysolda Gets Hitched" is the 77nd episode in the Skyrim for Pimps series and the 21st episode of Season 5.

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S'oggy Balls finally tracks down Mercer deep in the ruins of Irkngthand. S'oggy, Karliah, Brynjolf, and General Burnside witness Mercer prying out the left eye of a giant falmer statue.

Having cornered Mercer, S'oggy and Mercer have a final epic battle, which ended almost immediately with S'oggy's victory. Oddly enough, water starts to fill in the ruin and S'oggy tries to look for a way out. He tries to hype up the story by trying to make it as if he was in trouble but Crotch angrily tells S'oggy that his story telling was torture.

Now, back to the story. S'oggy, having become the guildmaster of the Thieves Guild, has accomplished what he set out to do in Skyrim. The voice in his head suggest that he visit Whiterun one last time and tell the Companions of Aela's death before he heads back to Elsweyr.


This is Vignar. He rambles.

Once at Whiterun, a courier delivers mail from Ysolda, which turns out to be a wedding invitation. S'oggy tries to think who to bring as his plus one since his obvious choice, Aela, was no longer living. S'oggy considers General Burnside, Vignar the boring storyteller, Farkas and Vilkas but they don't all fit the bill. So S'oggy yells out in the open about Aela's death and leaves the Companions headquarters.

Heading back to Elsweyr to grab nice clothes and the sword for the ceremonial d*ck chop, he asks Yura to attend the wedding with him. In Riften where the wedding is held, S'oggy explains some rules to her so that she does not embarrass him in front of the bride and groom.

After the wedding, S'oggy directly talks to Crotch Guzzler. Still not knowing what the name of the groom was, he calls Crotch, asshole (as he was labeled Drunken Asshole). Crotch, being drunk when he last met S'oggy, has S'oggy explain who he was. S'oggy tells Crotch that he has business associations with his wife Ysolda and says some stuff that may have lead Crotch to believe that his wife was a prostitute. Before S'oggy could get Crotch's name however, Yura starts clapping uncontrollably embarrassing S'oggy. Crotch feeling quite weird leaves S'oggy to deal with Yura.

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Skyrim For Pimps - Ysolda Gets Hitched (S5E21) - Walkthrough

Skyrim For Pimps - Ysolda Gets Hitched (S5E21) - Walkthrough

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