Ysolda Guzzler is Crotch Guzzler's wife, and the mother of his children. She was first a merchant, or at least that was what his husband thought her to be. Later it became known that she was a drug-dealer. S'oggy Balls, who was a friend of hers, assassinated her after learning she was his enemy's wife.

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Season 2 Edit


Under sexy candle light.

Ysolda marries Crotch, after he proposed during a night in which he was extremely drunk from having three whole drinks.

Ysolda also gained ownership of the Bannered Mare, after her husband killed the owner. Because Crotch wanted her drug business to prosper.

Season 4 Edit

Crotch and Ysolda move into a house built by the crazy wizard himself. He then adopts two children, whom Ysolda seemed to love.

On one dreadful day, Crotch was trying to teach his son, Hroar about mending the roof. His son kept dancing around, irritating Crotch, causing him to use the Unrelenting Force shout, which kills Hroar. He went out of his way to hide it from Ysolda, scared that she would get angry.

Later he revives Hroar as a zombie and decides he would take him on an adventure. As a way to make up for all the crimes he committed, he decides to make the best pancakes in the world for his family, going on a lengthy adventure.

Her husband eventually completed the exotic pancakes and prepared them to his family. However, the next morning, his family was dead. He blames Fün Tits for ever giving him the recipe for the poisonous pancakes but unbeknownst to Crotch, it was actually S'oggy Balls, who killed his wife, as revenge for his brother's death.

Season 5 Edit


At the Bannered Mare.

S'oggy Balls first meets Ysolda in the streets of Whiterun and introduces her to the Skooma drug trade and through this, the two become good friends. Unfortunately, their friendship ends when S'oggy asks her to help him read. S'oggy sends Ysolda a threatening and sexist letter by accident. Being unable to read, S'oggy does not realize how harmful that letter was to their relationship. Ysolda sends S'oggy a letter telling him to stop sending her letters.

Ysolda was introduced to her groom to be, Crotch, through S'oggy Balls in Playnord (S5E19). Crotch Guzzler had no recollection of his first meeting with Ysolda being highly intoxicated. S'oggy by the same token did not know who this masked man was as Crotch was wearing a dragon priest mask.

S'oggy was eventually invited to Crotch and Ysolda's wedding. When S'oggy plotted revenge against Crotch and sneaked into his house, he finally figures out that Ysolda got married to his greatest enemy, and as revenge for Crotch killing his brother, he killed her and her daughter, Runa. She was last seen in Skooma Parley, where her corpse was raped and eaten by S'oggy Balls.

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