Winterhold is the capital of the hold also called Winterhold. It is famous for its college, College of Winterhold.


Below is an aggregate of locations in the hold, Winterhold.

Within the capital city

College of WinterholdEdit

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Also known as "The College of Magic," Crotch Guzzler is the Arch-Mage of the school. The school is no longer in operation. Rival school to Homeless U, where Cock Nibbler and Esbern attended.

Birna's Oddments Edit

Birna is the local vendor at Winterhold. Cock Nibbler has used her store to send mail to Pappa Waylon.

Gorge between College of Winterhold and the rest of the townEdit

Crotch Guzzler tries to commit suicide by jumping off of the bridge connecting the college and the town but only breaks his legs. Herman Melville gives him a chance for revenge.

Outside city proper

Septimus Signus's OutpostEdit

Septimus, a homeless scholar, lives here serving the deadric lord Herman Melville. Cock Nibbler accidentally becomes champion of the dark lord after doing Septimus's deeds.

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