Windhelm is a town and the hold capital of Eastmarsh Hold. The Jarl of this hold is Ulfric Stormcloak.


Below is an aggregate of locations in Eastmarsh Hold.

Within the capital city

Palace of the Kings Edit

The capital building in Eastmarsh hold, houses Ulfric Stormclock and Bruce his righthand man. Cock Nibbler was very much impressed by the design of the interior. The voice in Cock's head has suggested that they keep Silda the Unseen in front of the palace to scare off the people.

Windhelm StablesEdit

A stable managed by Ulundil. Cock Nibbler has bought a horse here and he named his horse, Shadowtelegraph

The Pit FightersEdit

A gym in the Gray Quarter housing the Pit Fighters of Windhelm. Cock Nibbler came here to blow off some steam from all of the politics in Skyrim.

The White PhialEdit

An alchemy shop that Nurelion owns and Quintus Navale manages. Crotch Guzzler came here to obtain the white phial required to hold the syrup for his Pancake.

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