Whiterun is a town, which is the hold capital of Whiterun Hold and the Jarl of this hold is Jarl Balgruuf.


Below is an aggregate of locations in Whiterun Hold.

Within the capital city

Bannered Mare Edit

Main article: Bannered Mare

Tavern owned by Ysolda and a location for drug distribution.


The capital building in Whiterun Hold, houses Jarl Balgruuf and his court wizard Farengar and has a BDSM chamber built in specifically for Dragons.

Fün Tits's HouseEdit

Her house is close to the entrance of Whiterun. She used to live with Astrid, Serana, and her housecarl Lydia.

Ysolda's HouseEdit

A small one bedroom house far from the city center owned by Ysolda. The house was occupied by Ysolda and Crotch Guzzler and was visited by Fün Tits.

Outside city proper

Mythic Dawn HideoutEdit

The daedra worshipping cult, Mythic Dawn, operates out of a cave close to the town of Rorikstead. Cock Nibbler joins the Mythic Dawn as an undercover agent for the Agent of Righteous Might and their leader Nirtius.

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