"Werewolf Wedding Crasher" is the seventh episode in the Skyrim for Pimps series and the seventh episode of Season 1. This episode continues the "very special kind of walkthrough" for the Dark Brotherhood quest-line in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


The episode begins with Fün Tits on her way to the crypt, Volunruud, to speak with Amaund Motierre. Inside of the crypt, Fün and Lydia fight their way through dozens of undead draugr before reaching the chamber where Amaund is waiting for them. Amaund informs Fün that he would like The Dark Brotherhood to assassinate the Emperor for him.

Fün Tits next goes back to Riften (on Astrid's orders) to speak with a member of the Thieves Guild, Delvin Mallory. After figuring out what Delvin was eating and giving him the amulet as ordered, Fün heads back to the Thieves Guild entrance, Riften's graveyard. There, she leaves Lydia assuming that everyone who saw her would think she was just a hideous gargoyle guarding the graveyard.

Upon returning to the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary, Fün informs Astrid of Amaund's request to have the Emperor killed. Astrid then tells Fün that she needs to kill a bride at her own wedding. Despite inviting her to be her plus one to the wedding, Astrid ignores Fün's advances yet again. Before leaving the sanctuary, Fün Tits takes a pit stop to insult Arnbjorn in various ways.

Fün Tits arrives to the wedding location, Solitude, and begins speaking to the bride immediately. She assures the bride that she is simply a guest to the wedding, and won't do anything with any of the weapons she brought. The assassination of the bride was attempted several times before ending in a success, and Fün steals the bride's wedding dress in the process.

The failed attempts included dropping a stone gargoyle on the bride's head, shooting her with an arrow from the crowd, sneak attacking her from behind, and transforming into a werewolf in plain view. Fün ends up succeeding with the kill by transforming into a werewolf while hidden, then killing everyone who gets in her way. She reenters the city afterwords and pretends to be shocked by the death of the bride, leaving Nightshade on her dead body. Fün then proceeds to inappropriately pose the bride's next to, and on, her husband for all to see.The husband then says one of the most popular phrases in Skyrim For Pimps: My wife is dead, DEAD. They then proceed to make a song of the phrase.


Skyrim For Pimps - Werewolf Wedding Crasher (S1E07) Dark Brotherhood Walkthrough-0

Skyrim For Pimps - Werewolf Wedding Crasher (S1E07) Dark Brotherhood Walkthrough-0

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