Waylas Hawker was an ex-agent of the Order of Stendarr. Nirtius asks Cock Nibbler to kill Waylas as a condition before working for his cause.

Story Edit

In Werewolf Skooma Addict, Nirtius orders him to go kill a werewolf named Waylas. Cock asks the werewolf if he can stay here as he is homeless. The werewolf claims that as long as Cock brings him skooma he's welcome to stay. Cock does not like this answer as he is against wrongdoing and drugs are wrong. However, he did own skooma from when he confiscated the skooma from a hunter dealing drugs to rabbits.

He trades the skooma and the voice in his head claims that Cock is officially a drug dealer. Cock corrects him that he is a drug barterer and that there's nothing wrong with drug bartering according to the Pimple.

Cock asks if Waylas wants to join him on his adventure. Waylas says, "No I shouldn't. I could but I wouldn't" in a very upbeat rythmic tone. Amused, Cock and the voice in his head makes him say this a few more times and asks one more time if I can stay. He replies again that he would be okay with it as long as he got some skooma. Immediately afterwords, Waylas mutters to Cock to "get out of here." Cock enraged that Waylas went back on his word, kills Waylas. The werewolf does not fight back. It seems like he was high on skooma as when Cock checked Waylas's inventory, the skooma was already gone.

Backstory Edit

Waylas king

King Waylas

Waylas was a king who couldn't say no. One day a farmer came up to him and demanded all his gold. Waylas gave him all his gold because he couldn't refuse. He was homeless after that request but his life changed when he listened to an "Audible" (note ad) called "How to Say No." He started uttering his favorite phrase, "No I shouldn't. I could but I wouldn't," and his quality of life improved until one day a werewolf asked if he liked to become a werewolf. He says no but the werewolf can "do whatever it wants" and Waylas becomes a werewolf.


"No I shouldn't. I could but I wouldn't."

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