Urag is a moody librarian at the College of Winterhold. He is very adamant about his books.

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The appearances are listed below in chronological order.

Bad Intentions (S2E02) Edit

Crotch Guzzler is instructed to visit Urag gro-Shub to see if he might know what the orb that was found at Saarthal is. Crotch speaks with Urag and asks if he might have something exciting for him to do. Urag sends Crotch on a dangerous mission to retrieve some stolen books. When he gave back the stolen books to Urag, he was ungrateful that he had retrieved them.

WInterhold SUCKS (S6E08) Edit

Cock Nibbler goes to the library and talks to Urag. Urag, in the usual moody spirit, gives him two books to read about the Elder Scroll but the books are absolute nonsense. Cock complains to Urag about this and the librarian points him to meet its author, Septimus Signus.

Crotch vs Winterhold (S2E11) Edit

Crotch kills Urag along with everyone else at the College of Winterhold.

When Tits Met Crotch (S3E08) Edit

Fün Tits needs another Elder Scroll to shoot the sun out of the sky and decides it's time to visit the College of Winterhold to find some clues about the next elder scroll. Fün fears she won't be able to, since the last time she was in Winterhold everyone was dead, but Emre assures her Urag will be there because they're friends on Facebook and he shows his location on his posts.

Arriving at the college, Fün immediately finds a dead body and observes that the library is a mess. Nobody is around aside from this guy sitting at the desk, so she decides to ask him for some information. The guy is Crotch Guzzler, the arch-mage.

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