Ulundil is the first person Fün Tits encounters when she goes to Windhelm in Quest For The Demon Horse Shadowmere (S1E02). He then sexually harasses Fün. Fün barely lets him go after the first harassment occurs, but almost kills him after he harasses her a second time while she is undressed, even though she quickly lets him go.

In Venison, King of Dinner (S6E27), Cock Nibbler buys a horse from Ulundil at the Windhelm stables. Cock offers 1000 gold to Ulundil to which Ulundil scoffs "That's your best offer?"


  • "I hope someday we will get to know each other better."
  • "Don't set anything on fire, alright?!"
  • "I see why the Nords like Skyrim."

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