This is an article about the guild. For the episode, see The Thieves Guild.

The Thieves Guild is a group of thieves based off of Riften in their hideout called the Ragged Flagon. S'oggy Balls was the latest leader of the guild but Mercer Frey and Brynjolf (second-in-command) have also been leaders of the guild in the past.

Most of the thieves guild was destroyed when Crotch Guzzler barged into the Ragged Flagon in order to obtain ingredients for his pancake recipe. (Sex with George Lucas/Revenge of the Pu*s)

Only members of the thieves guild are able to enter the Ragged Flagon. Lydia was left behind standing like a statue at the entrance of the Ragged Flagon when Fün Tits visited Delvin Mallory in the episode Werewolf Wedding Crasher.

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