"The Staff of Boredom" is the seventeenth episode in the Skyrim for Pimps series and the fourth episode of Season 2. This episode continues the "very special kind of walkthrough" for the College of Winterhold quest-line in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Crotch Guzzler arrives at the ruins of Mzulft to find a man named Gavros dying at the entrance. He proceeds through the ruins killing mechanical spiders and a twisted race of elves called Falmer. Crotch opens another door further in the ruin to find Paratus Decimius asking him what happened to his associate Gavros. Crotch informs him he died then asks if he knows anything about the Staff of Magnus. He gives Paratus the crystal he needs and they proceed to use a large machine to reveal the location of the staff.

After taking a long time to solve the puzzle needed to use the machine, Crotch lets Paratus take a look and see where the staff is located. Paratus tells Crotch that the Staff of Magnus is located in Labyrinthian. Crotch then goes ahead and kills Paratus to be able to add his skull to his ever growing skull collection. When he turns to leave, Crotch is once again visited in a vision by a member of the Psijic Order. He tells Crotch he's on the right path and then disappears again.

Arriving back at the college drunk, Crotch runs to tell the Dean that he learned of the location of the staff. He helps the Dean and Mirabelle blast open a door to find Ancano blasting the Eye of Magnus (the orb Crotch and Tolfdir discovered) with magic. There is a flash of bright light then Crotch goes outside to find the Dean dead.

Faralda and Crotch go down to protect the city of Winterhold from the disaster going on at the college. After killing the attacking creatures, Faralda turns down multiple advances from Crotch. He goes back to report to Mirabelle who tells him to finish finding the Staff of Magnus. Tolfdir also shouts at Crotch multiple times urging him to get the staff. The teachers at the College of Winterhold apparently make their students do all of the dirty work. Enthir points out that the disaster is going to be terrible for business.

Crotch arrives at Labyrinthian to find ghosts of Savos Aren and other former members of the College of Winterhold. Proceeding through the ruins, Crotch has to fight several enemies, including a huge skeletal dragon. He was surprised to find any kind of excited while working for the college.


Skyrim For Pimps - The Staff of Boredom (S2E04) College of Winterhold Walkthrough-0

Skyrim For Pimps - The Staff of Boredom (S2E04) College of Winterhold Walkthrough-0

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