The Oracles (AKA Karita's Breasts) are a pair of hypnotic mystics living in Dawnstar. The Oracles operate out of the Windpeak Inn. Fün Tits often seeks them out when upset about Astrid-related situations.

Season 1Edit

The first time Fün met The Oracles was when right after she wrote "Fün Tits luvs Astrid" on a tree. She went to them for advice on what to do about Astrid not loving her back.

Eventually Fün pickpockets Karita's clothing and gets her own Oracles. But she still visits The Oracles for advice about Astrid.

Season 3Edit

Fün needed help deciding between Astrid and Serana, so she went to Dawnstar to see The Oracles. After The Oracles repeat some rap lyrics, Fün finally understands that, like The Oracles, she needs both of them to be happy.

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