The Best Pancakes Ever in all of Existence
by Herman Melville

Before you start this recipe, you need the proper cookwear:

1. "The White Phial"
- to be used for pouring syrup onto pancakes.

2. A Golden Ladel
- to correctly portion pancakes with style.

3. Aretino Spaghetti Plate
- to stack the steaming pancakes upon.

4. Astronaut Salt-Shaker
- to apply salt in low gravity environments.

5. Blue Diamond Fork
- the most balla shit you could possibly use to eat pancakes.

Ingredients for the Best Pancakes Ever in all of Existence:

2 Super Mushrooms
- Finely chopped

2 Super Magica Mushrooms
- Sliced and dried

2 Super Stamina Mushrooms
- Liquefied, preferably using industrial size mammoth stomach

2 Poison Mushrooms
- Drawn and quartered

Note: All mushrooms must be native to the Mushroom Kingdom

Other lines that can be seen in this bookEdit

A jar of authentic pirate hot sauce

A single frame from "Return of the Jedi" (No Ewoks)

A big 'ol tub of rubber

A fistful of clippings from a Bonsai tree

3 quarts of the color purple (distilled)

5 Videos returned late to Blockbuster

10 Gallons of delicious Worcestershire Sauce


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