Stabby is a jolly assassin and a new recruit for the Dark Brotherhood.

Appearances Edit

Dark Sisterhood (S6E32) Edit

Fün Tits first meets Stabby in Dark Sisterhood when Fün tells Astrid and Serana to pack up because they're going to revive the Dark Brotherhood. They travel to Dawnstar and meet Stabby at their new headquarters.

Fresh, Unviolated Slaves (S6E34) Edit

Fün Tits does a mission for Stabby and goes to collect treasure from Captain Shadowscale. Fün retrieves the treasure but she wants it for herself so she takes a Nordic Barnacle Cluster and gave that to Stabby as the reward.

Fün asks for another contract and this time it's to kill a soul gem merchant. The assassination needs to look like it was a Forsworn attack. Fün buys a Forsworn bow and heads off to Winterhold to kill the soul gem merchant.

For her third mission for Stabby, Fün decides to go with Stabby to assassinate a slave trader by Riften. However, Stabby disappears before entering their hideout and Fün destroys the slave trade organization by herself (and her followers).

Stabby White & the 7 Corpses Edit

Continuing from the previous episode, Stabby reappears in front of her when Fün suddenly ascends to an unknown area that looks like a little garden. Stabby calls it his happy-place.

Unsure of what that means, she walks around and finds a dremora. The dremora positions itself to attack but heals her instead. Fün realizes that she was in trouble back in the real world and Stabby invited her to his secret plane where there is a healing dremora waiting for them.

Upon further investigation of the place, Fün saw two ice elementals chasing after rabbits and lost of useful treasure. Even after leaving this secret plane for quite some time, she makes frequent references to Stabby's happy place.

Quest for Skin (S6E39) Edit

Stabby is sacrificed for Boethiah in hopes to get skin for Astrid. Fün Tits assumes that Stabby is okay with being sacrificed because she has his dagger to stab him. Unfortunately, Stabby's death was in vain because Fün Tits only got an ebony weapon from Boethiah and not the suit of skin she wanted for Astrid.

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