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This page details the Episode Plot Project.


The plan is to cl*ffnotes each episode in season 5 once every week until all of the episodes are detailed. Seasons 1 - 3 are already finished. Season 4 and Season 6 need work.

Pages that have no plot section

Convert episode notes into episode plots


Schedule for Feb.Edit

2/14 S5E01, S5E02 (done)

2/21 S5E03, S5E04 (done)

2/28 S5E05, S5E06 (done)


3/7 S5E07, S5E08 (done)

3/14 S5E09, S5E10 (done)

3/21 S5E11, S5E12 (done)

3/28 S5E13, S5E14 (done)

April Edit

4/4 S5E15, S5E16 (done)

4/7 S5E17 (done) 4/10 S5E18 (done)

4/14 S5E19 (done) 4/17 S5E20 (done)

4/21 S5E21 (done) 4/25 S5E22 (done)

Other projects Edit

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