"Skooma Face" is the 83rd episode in the Skyrim for Pimps series and the 27th episode of Season 5.

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After taking care of business in Elsweyr, S'oggy is back in Skyrim enjoying the open fields and the unfriendly tonys. Suddenly however, the sky turns dark like the sun was shot out of the sky. Furthermore, the voice in his head reminds him that he did just release a plague in Elsweyr, which would halt all skooma production for the foreseeable future.

S'oggy, starting to panic, decides he must gather all of the skooma in Skyrim. He visits Whiterun to talk to Ysolda, but Ysolda only comments on the sky turning dark and her business. He has to find his other skooma dealers and so he goes to talk to Sprinkles. The voice in his head warns that buying all of the skooma in Whiterun is going to cause chaos. S'oggy could care less.

Heading to Windhelm to stock up on more skooma, he visit the three Tim Hortons setting up shop next to each other. And then off to Markarth to visit Shitty Angie. Knowing no other skooma dealers, S'oggy has to find the drug addicts and steal their drugs from them. He goes down to the Warrens and take the skooma from a fellow named Ronald P. Drugaddict. Other drug addicts he stole from include Squatch and Erdi from Solitude, Sizzle-Chest from Riften, and Frodnar, Dorthe, and a chicken from Riverwood. Hoping that this will last him a while, he takes a bunch of skooma and goes on a skooma break.

Waking up from his skooma break, he notices that he was not where he started his skooma break with and that he was on a snowy hillside next to the College of Winterhold. Thinking he'll do some service by telling his brother, J'zargo, about the upcoming skooma shortage, he heads on up to the college. He notices however that everyone at the college was dead. Thinking that J'zargo may have mastered the expert level destruction spells, and not worried at all that he might be dead too, goes into the arcanaeum and comes across a book titled My Boredom Journal aka The Only Good Book Ever Written by Crotch F. Guzzler.

He starts reading in and notices that the book is all about making sure all his victims were dead. He also finds an entry about Fün Tits shooting the sun out of the sky so S'oggy figures that the book was written quite recently. In a later entry, S'oggy finds that Crotch got kids and brought home the corpses of Brelyna, Onmund, and J'zargo. S'oggy flips to the last page of the book and sees, the words "I fucking hate cat people."

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Skyrim For Pimps - Skooma Face (S5E27) - Walkthrough

Skyrim For Pimps - Skooma Face (S5E27) - Walkthrough

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