Skooma is an addictive drug. It is a mix of Moons Sugar and Nightshade extract. It is smoked from the bottle through a pipe.


S'oggy Balls is very addicted to Skooma. When he ran out, he went to go see his brother to get more, only to find him butchered, along with everyone else at the College of Winterhold.


Ysolda is known to sell Skooma from her market stall, and later on, Bannered Mare. Khajiit Caravans also sell this to the people of Skyrim.


Production occurs in Elsweyr. However, in Diabetes Anderson, S'oggy Balls poisoned all of the Skooma and committed genocide against his own race, the Khajiit. After S'oggy realizes that no more Skooma can be produced ever, S'oggy goes all over Skyrim to buy the remaining Skooma. This causes chaos in the streets of Whiterun. (Dark Sisterhood)

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