Skjor (pronounced Skih-Jor) is a member of the Companions. He is also part of the circle and can turn into a wolf.


A Little CatDogEdit

S'oggy approaches Skjor and Aela sitting on a bench. He just wants to talk to Aela but Skjor asks if he needs help with something. S'oggy tells Skjor that he needs help taking Aela's clothes off.

Later on, S'oggy and Skjor go clear the cave of the Silver Hand Clan but Skjor dies in battle. As per Elsweyr tradition, S'oggy strips Skjor of his clothes and goes back to tell the members of the Companions of his death. He finds out from Ria that Skjor and Aela were dating. Hearing this made S'oggy happy since Aela is now free.

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