Shitty Angie is a Skooma Dealer known to hide under the waterfall in Markarth. She was featured in season 5 episode 27, "Skooma Face."

Appearances Edit

During the episode "Skooma Face," S'oggy Balls is trying to get as much Skooma as he can, due to a plague in Elsweyr. Shitty Angie is the last known drug dealer in Skyrim, behind Sprinkles, Tim Horton, Tim Horton, and Tim Horton. S'oggy buys all 137 Skooma that she had and leaves. Angie then went back under the waterfall and has yet to appear in any other episode in the series since, but was mentioned in Season 6.

Dialogue Edit

"What's next?" "Markarth."

"Who's in Markarth?" "Shitty Angie."

"Shitty Angie?!?" "Yeah, well, she's a drug dealer."

"Does she like being called Shitty Angie?" "Well, she knows she's shitty."

Angie selling skooma

Angie surfacing to sell skooma to S'oggyballs

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