Serana is a sassy Nord Vampire lady who has mommy and daddy issues. Fün Tits sets her free from her crypt in "Dawnguard Begins!" and agrees to take her back to her family. Together they fight Jersey Shore gargoyles, skeletons, bandits and... vampires?


Note: Chronological order of her adventures is Season 3 → Season 6 (Episodes 32 - 39) → Season 4

Season 3 Edit

Serana makes her first appearance in the third season of Skyrim For Pimps. When Fün and Serana arrive to her castle, her father, Lord Harkon proceeds to turn Fün into a vampire like them and asks her to complete a few missions for him. Serana offers herself to tag along and quickly Fün begins to get interested in the ancient chick, who pees as she walks and disregards distances and noises when talking. Serana also seems to have a passion for both Alchemy and Mining, for whenever she has some free time in her hands, those are the activities she is seen doing.


Serana when Fün opens her crypt.

Serana enjoys reanimating corpses mid-battle. She has spent quite a few hundreds of years in her coffin. She's lonely. We get it. Fün tries to have a nude bath time with Serana, but to no avail. However, together they do enjoy scorning Falmers' lack of aesthetics functionality and praising their social etiquette.


Serana secretly mining behind a mammoth skull trap. Because.

Fün and Serana at last kiss, in the beginning of "Walking the Dead." But when it finally happens, Emre tells Fün she will have to make a decision between lickable Astrid, for whom Fün initiated this whole adventure, and soft spoken Serana, who has considerably more meat on. After consulting The Oracles, Fün remembers the wise words of Rob Base: "It takes two to make things go right." Right then and there, Fün knows her life can only be complete with both Astrid the zombie and Serana the vampire.

Season 4Edit

Serana does not have a speaking role in Season 4. Unfortunately, as the love triangle commences their new life together, Miraak's followers get in Fün Tits's house and murder both Astrid and Serana.

Season 6 Edit

In Season 6, Fün Tits along with Serana and Astrid go out to Dawnstar to start a new Dark Brotherhood.


  • "Are we there yet?" - right after asking Fün Tits if she would take her to her family, in "Dawnguard Begins!."
  • "Turns out you don't learn much from just... sleeping with something."
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