Septimus Signus was a homeless man who lives in a cave north of Winterhold. He aids Cock Nibbler on the Elder Scrolls.


In Winterhold SUCKS, Urag gives him two books to read about the Elder Scroll but the books are nonsense. Cock complains to Urag about this and the librarian points him to meet its author, Septimus Signus. In Wrestling Hobo, he travels north of Winterhold and finds Septimus's outpost.

Delighted to find another homeless man, Cock speaks "homeless" to Septimus, who replies back in (what the audience has to believe) "homeless" speak. Septimus sends Cock to Alftand with a "lexicon." The voice in Cock's head is confused with all the "homeless" speak but remains very confident.

In Pastel HELL, Cock passes through Alftand, solves a set of puzzles, obtains the Elder Scroll, inscribes the lexicon, and rushes back to Septimus. Back at Septimus's outpost, Cock hands Septimus his inscribed lexicon.

Septimus determines he has to spend some time to "decryptify." Cock seeing how this may be a long process asks Septimus to send a text (Alfred Text) when he's done. Outside his outpost, Cock decides to wait 24 hours for Septimus. He finds a courier in the area which Cock assumes is Alfred Text, however, the courier does not have any letters from Septimus.

In Tittlywinks, Alfred Text gaves Cock a letter from Septimus telling him that the lexicon is decryptified. Back at the outpost, Septimus tells Cock that he needs the blood of all different types of elves. On his way out, a wretched abyss called Herman Melville blocks the doorway. Herman Melville wants Cock to call him his lord but Cock just thinks its dirt that needs to get scrubbed and refuses to serve him.

After collecting all the elf bloods he goes back to Septimus Signus. Septimus drinks all the elf bloods enters a little area and finds a book, named the Oghma Infinium. Upon commenting on the book he dies and falls to the ground. Cock grabs the book, which accidentally made him Herman Melville's servant replacing Septimus.

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