Continuing the events of Season 3, Crotch Guzzler decides to move out of Whiterun, where Fün Tits lives, and build a house for his family. He buys some property and starts building. After a house building montage, he settles his wife, Ysolda, into his house and adopts Runa Fair-Shield and Hroar from the Orphanage. The Guzzler family and Sonir, the musician paying rent, live happily for one day after Crotch Guzzler and Sonir goes into a dispute and Sonir gets killed.

By the third day of being a father, Crotch has killed his son Hroar, and decides he will make the special pancakes from the pancake recipe Fün Tits gave to him to make up for his mistakes. Making the pancake is so complex, he thinks if he can make the pancake, he can do anything.

Starting from "Morrowind Sucks," Fün Tits is the main protagonist. She kills Ainethach and decides that's her assassin days are over. She is going to retire with Serana and Astrid. However, she gets back to Whiterun and find cultists everywhere. They killed Serana and Astrid. To seek revenge, Fün Tits goes to Solsthiem to defeat the leader of the cultists, Miraak.

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