The first season of Skyrim For Pimps introduced two main characters, Cock Nibbler and Fün Tits. While the pilot features Cock, the rest of the season tells the tale of Fün Tits. During this season, we see Fün Tits join and rise in the ranks of Dark Brotherhood, fall in love with Astrid, and murder many people. Emre, the voice in her head, assists her in her mission to get Shadowmere, the best horse in Skyrim.

Fün Tits adventure begins when she takes on a job for a boy named in Windhelm and noticing her talents, a lady named Astrid recruits her to the Dark Brotherhood (a group of assassins). Fün quickly rises through ranks after successfully completing many assassinations before being tasked with helping to assassinate the Emperor. After making an unsuccessful attempt and killing a decoy Emperor, Astrid inadvertently sold out Dark Brotherhood and caused the destruction of most members and their sanctuary. Even after finding out about Astrid's betrayal (not to mention the numerous problems their "relationship" had endured), Fün Tits decided to stick by her and finish out the rest of her days in the destroyed sanctuary with Astrid's resurrected burnt body.

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