Savos Aren was the arch-mage at the College of Winterhold. His successor is a man named Crotch Guzzler.


Bad IntentionsEdit

Savos summons Crotch Guzzler, a new prospect at the college, to find out more about a orb in Saarthal. He has the student talk to Urag gro-Shub who may know a thing or two about the orb.

Savos speaks to the representative at the Psijic Order but the representative wants to talk to Crotch Guzzler. Once Crotch arrives at the dean's office, the representative stops time and lets Crotch steal some goods in the dean's office. The Psijic Order rep leaves him a message and un-stops the time and leaves. Crotch tells Savos that the Order wants him to find the Augur of Dunlain.

The Augur of FreemanEdit

Crotch returns from the Midden, the freshman dorm, to tell him about the Augur of Dunlain. He tells Crotch to ask Mirabelle Ervine where he might be able to find the Staff of Magnus.

The Staff of BoredomEdit

When Crotch returns to the college after obtaining information about the location of the Staff of Magnus, he finds the college door closed. He helps the Dean and Mirabelle Ervine blast open a door to find Ancano blasting the Eye of Magnus (the orb Crotch and Tolfdir discovered) with magic. There is a flash of bright light then Crotch goes outside to find the Dean dead.


  • Because Savos Aren died early on in Season 2, he and Mirabelle Ervine are the only members from the College of Winterhold to not be killed by the hands of Crotch Guzzler. (Alumni excluded)


Mirabelle Ervine

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