Runa a.k.a. Runa Guzzler was Crotch's daughter. She was killed by S'oggy as revenge for J'zargo's death.

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Runa was adopted by Crotch because he liked her name. She was adopted from the Riften orphanage along with Hroar.

Throughout the episodes she appears in, she constantly complains about how scary the house is. She offers her father some lavender, but he throws it away, and calls her a loser. She is normally seen doing chores with her mother Ysolda.

She was murdered by S'oggy as revenge for the death of J'zargo, however at the time Crotch thought it was his pancakes that had killed his daughter and he vowed to kill Fün Tits because she had given him the recipe.

Season 5 Edit


Runa Fair-Shield abooooout to be adopted.

S'oggy, hungry for revenge, kills Runa in her sleep for the sins of his father. Later at the College of Winterhold, S'oggy sees Crotch apologizing to Runa's corpse for being a poor father and consequently tries to kill himself. However, he survives the fall and manages to only break his legs. He is then taken away by Herman Melville, who gives him an attempt to get revenge on Fün.

While S'oggy waits for Crotch's return, he has sex with Runa's corpse and every one else who had died, while simultaneously eating their remains.

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"I don't like this place, it's scary." ("Married with Children", to Crotch)

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