Riften is a town and the hold capital of The Rift. The Jarl of this hold is Laila Law-Giver.


Below is an aggregate of locations in The Rift.

Within the capital city

Ragged FlagonEdit

The headquarters of the Thieves Guild accessible by the ratway. The guild is managed by Brynjolf and Mercer and was taken over by S'oggy Balls. Crotch Guzzler destroyed the Thieves Guild after obtaining ingredients for the Pancake. Fün has visited once; Lydia was barred from entry.

Temple of MaraEdit

Crotch Guzzler and Ysolda's wedding took place in this venue. Brelyna, Lydia, and S'oggy Balls as well as others attended this wedding.

Honorhall OrphanageEdit

Originally maintained by Grelod the Kind, Fün Tits killed her for Aventus Aretino. Later, Crotch Guzzler adopted two kids, Hroar and Runa Fair-Shield from the orphanage. Fün Tits went back to the orphanage to obtain souls for Averna.

The RatwayEdit

Cock Nibbler and Esbern used to live here when during their homeless days. Esbern was shacked up here before Cock decided to pay him a visit.

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