Patsy is a cowardly guard from Rorikstead named by Cock Nibbler.

Appearances Edit

The Real Slim Nibbler (S6E18) Edit

Cock Nibbler kills a Mythic Dawn agent at Frostfruit Inn in Rorikstead. Patsy rushes in to question Cock about the murder and asks him to stop. Cock slowly walks away lying to the guard that he'll meet him at the jail but the guard is not buying it.

Patsy follows Cock down the street away from town until an assassin joins the fray and starts attacking. Patsy does not help get rid of the assassin who is attacking Cock. Cock decides that he'll take both of them to a giant who can take care of them and lead them further down the road.

The forsworn join the party soon after and Cock lets the assassin (who he names Lucy) kill off the forsworn. On the other hand, Patsy runs away from the fight. He sees Patsy in the next episode.

Nekkid Cave People (S6E19) Edit

Back out in the streets of Rorikstead, Cock Nibbler sees his new friend, Pasty the Guard, who shouts out to him "I know you!" and that "(Cock is) a wanted man." He threatens to arrest Cock but backs down saying that arresting Cock was not worth it.

Cock later compares Patsy to a chicken.

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