Pappa Waylon was a follower and old hobo friend of Cock Nibbler. He could speak both grunt and hobo. He was living in a burned out house in front of Afltand before he was recruited by Cock.


Wrestling HoboEdit

Cock had to go to a Dwarven Ruin to get the Elder Scroll he needed. He wanted someone physical to share the boredom with (not Emre). He goes to Alftand to get his companion and the Elder Scroll. After fighting with his fists for a while, Pappa was killed by Cock when he tried to shout a Falmer of a very high ledge.

Later, Brad the Bard sang a song about him, the best wrestler no one had ever heard of.


  • "Arruh."
  • "Agrue."
  • "Aba Garaba."
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