Nirtius is the leader of the Agent of Righteous Might, an off shoot organization of the Vigilant of Stendarr dedicating their lives to stopping daedra worship. They employ double agents to infiltrate the enemy organization and destroy from within.

Nirtius recruits Cock Nibbler to destroy the Mythic Dawn, which Nirtius has struggled destroying due to a possible backstabbing from his fellow members.

Appearances Edit

Werewolf Skooma Addict (S6E14) Edit

After receiving the necessary supplies from Cock Nibbler, Irbrand Bienne, a priest at the Shrine of Stendarr lights the shrine. With a blast of green sparks, Nirtius Pontanian suddenly arrives at the temple. Nirtius tells him that Cock needs to kill Waylas for him to tell the details on the mission. Cock returns after killing Waylas. Nirtius tells him his goal of defeating the Mythic Dawn and that Cock will disguise himself to become a double agent.

Later Episodes Edit

Nirtius and Cock Nibbler keeps communication with letters placed in a dropbox. Cock will report his findings and his results and Nirtius will give him his next instructions.

The Spy Who Bugged Me (S6E20) Edit

Nirtius is found dead in the Agent of Righteous Might Headquarters.

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