Nazir is a member of The Dark Brotherhood and gives no fucks, even when Fün drops raw beef on his head. He also possesses some awe inspiring abilities, like the power to make plates hover.

Appearances Edit

Season 1

Lover's Quarrel Edit

Fün Tits drops a Leg of Goat Roast on Nazir's head.

Hiding In Grandma's Coffin Edit

Nazir gives Fün Tits two more missions: one, to kill Hern and Lorbuk for a contact and two, to speak to Amaund Motierre.

Astrid?! NOOOOO! Edit

Nazir and Babette find Fün Tits in Night Mother's coffin after the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary was ransacked by the members of the Penitus Oculatus.

Fün's Lost Treasure Edit


Hovering plates

Nazir hovers all of the plates on the table at the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary.

Season 6

Fresh, Unviolated SlavesEdit

After Fün's lunch date with Serana, she blasts Nazir with her thu'um.

Stabby White & the 7 Corpses Edit

Nazir, Averna, and Stabby all talk at the same time making it difficult for Fün to hear what each of them are saying.

Apple Assassin Edit

Fün reports back to Nazir to tell him she assassinated Anoriath.

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