"Morrowind Sucks" is the 45th episode in the Skyrim for Pimps series and the eighth episode of Season 4. This episode is a "very special kind of walkthrough" for the quest "Dragonborn" of the Dragonborn questline (DLC).


Fün's adventure begins with the long-anticipated murder of Ainethach. Fün has been tidying up loose ends to all her adventures as she plans to retire from adventuring and spend time with her girlfriends Astrid and Serana. She returns to Whiterun and is attacked by three masked cultists claiming to work for a man named "Miraak".

After destroying them, Fün enters her home and finds Astrid and Serana dead. In order to revive her two girlfriends, Fün heads over to Ysolda's house in hopes of finding Crotch Guzzler, the wizard who resurrected Astrid in the first place. Once she enters the house however, she discovers not one skull on the floor of the house. This means Crotch Guzzler has moved out. Furthermore, a courier delivers mail from Bjorlam which details Crotch's mysterious disappearance after ordering four million skulls to be transported via the Guild of Wagon Men network.

Letter from bjorlam 2

Letter from Bjorlam

Fün briefly talks to Bjorlam and assures him that she'll fix the problem and travels to Windhelm and boards a boat that will take her to Solstheim where Miraak lives. Upon entry to the port at Raven Rock, she discovers that Solstheim is in another country called Morrowind and she must abide by their laws. It was not the smoothest immigration process as one of the sailors was sweeping the floor in front of her and the captain kept pounding at metal right next to her head.

Finally making it into town, she briefly talks to Glover Mallory who wants her to go collect his pick axe. He says it's special but hasn't gone around to getting it back from Crescius. Pressed on why he hadn't go talk to the authorities, he says he wants to do things himself but it seems Fün has to be the one who would end up doing it.


  • The events in this episode directly follow Fün and Crotch's actions in "Quest For Skin" of season six.
    While Fün heads to Karthwasten to kill Ainethach, Crotch finishes building Library Land.


Skyrim For Pimps - Morrowind Sucks (S4E08) Dragonborn Walkthrough-0

Skyrim For Pimps - Morrowind Sucks (S4E08) Dragonborn Walkthrough-0

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