Mirabelle Ervine was the master wizard at the College of Winterhold.


A Pimp Goes to CollegeEdit

Mirabelle Ervine shows Crotch Guzzler to his new room, and then instructs him on where he can attend his first class.

The Augur of FreemanEdit

Crotch to asks Mirabelle Ervine where he might be able to find the Staff of Magnus after being directed by Savos Aren. She informs Crotch that a group called the Synod were looking for it in the ruins of Mzulft. So, Crotch sets out to see if he can find the Staff of Magnus.

The Staff of BoredomEdit

When Crotch returns to the college after obtaining information about the location of the Staff of Magnus, he finds the college door closed. He helps the Dean and Mirabelle Ervine blast open a door to find Ancano blasting the Eye of Magnus (the orb Crotch and Tolfdir discovered) with magic. There is a flash of bright light and Crotch pass out. When Crotch regained conscience, Mirabelle is seen on the floor.

After Crotch returns from collecting the Staff, Crotch is told Mirabelle did not make it.


  • Because Mirabelle Ervine died early on in Season 2, she and Savos Aren are the only members from the College of Winterhold to not be killed by the hands of Crotch Guzzler. (Alumni excluded)


Savos Aren

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