"Main Quest Completed" is the 120th episode in the Skyrim for Pimps series and the 31st episode of Season 6.

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  • Arrives at Sovngarde and tries to make friends, first with a Stormcloak, which Cock Nibbler names Stormy C, and second with another a Stormcloak named Stormy G. He is unable to become friends because Goat Nibbler immediately picks them off.
  • Once at the entrance of Shor's Hall, Cock must fight Silvia Anderson to prove his worth. Cock defeats her and enters Shor's Hall crossing a bridge that is unlikely to be up to code. Once in Shor's Hall Cock meets a masked man named The Ancient Traveler who warns Cock that he has to stop Fün Tits and Crotch Guzzler from destroying each other in Library Land on the third turdas on the thrid month. Or else there will be great evil upon the land.
Ancient traveler

Who is this Ancient Traveler?

Ancient traveler 2

Really who?

  • Cock hesitantly fights along with the trio that banished Goat Nibbler in the first place.
  • Cock defeats Goat Nibbler with the trio.
  • Cock returns to Nirn and sees the dragons waiting for Cock's return at the Throat of the World. The dragons are dissatisfied that their leader and their friends are dead. Cock cuts them a deal and pimps out Brad the Bard for all of the dragons.
  • Cock notices that Paarthurnax seems down. Cock asks why "the long dragon face" and Paarthurnax discloses that he wanted a bard to suck his dick too. Cock claims that he can have bard after all the other dragons. Paarthurnax is not satisfied and tells him that he wants his own Bard. Cock tells him that if Paarthurnax can become the leader of the dragons, he can have Brad all to himself. Paarthurnax cheered up and asks Cock to put the Brad in his will. Cock agrees but warned him that he's unlikely to perish.
  • Odahviing lands next to Cock to complain that Brad was taken away from him. Cock tells him the deal is still good and that he can always Alfred Text him but tells him that the deal was not exclusive.
  • Cock makes sure that he can call a dragon ride whenever he wants. Odahviing says yes but says the closest dragon will come pick him up. Cock asks if there would be a bottle of water or a sweetroll (in reference to ride-sharing service like the one that starts with a U). Odahviing flatly says no and takes off.


I believe her; she's blond. I believe anything blond woman say.


Skyrim for Pimps - Main Quest Completed (S6E31) - GameSocietyPimps

Skyrim for Pimps - Main Quest Completed (S6E31) - GameSocietyPimps

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