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Template:Infobox Mai Dik (AKA General Burnside) is S'oggy Balls primary follower and the killer of Aela. In Search for Mai Dik (S6E41), it is revealed that General Burnside has feeling for S'oggy Balls but he is unable to express them to S'oggy due to him being a goblin.

For the purposes of consistency, Mai Dik will be referred to General Burnside in this article.


He is very fond of his dick as seen by the multiple references he makes to it.

He is a Riekling Hunter, and specializes using bows and arrows, however he normally just throws the arrow, with deadly precision.


Season 5

General burnside

When S'oggy names him.

General Burnside was found by S'oggy Balls after he was recovering from a Skooma Break in the Bannered Mare. He traveled with S'oggy Balls during the course of his time with the Companions and Thieves Guild. He killed Aela (possible accident or perhaps not). He is addicted to Butter Pecan Ice Cream, which sends him into a murderous rampage.

He continued to travel with S'oggy Balls for the rest of the season, often throwing arrows, instead of using a bow and indulging in his battle dance.

In the season finale, upon meeting Cock Nibbler (who hates goblins) he was told to wait outside, as S'oggy Balls, Fün Tits, Crotch Guzzler, Frea and Cock Nibbler, all explored Cock's home. However, we later learn it was all a trick, and S'oggy Balls was killed by the rest of the group, but not before killing Cock. General Burnside is still waiting outside, for a master who will most likely not come back to him.

S'oggy's death scene was a reference to Game Of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire's Red Wedding, in which Grey Wind, Robb Stark's pet direwolf, was killed soon before Robb Stark. It is possible that Burnside awaits the same fate as Grey Wind, but this is only speculation.

Season 6

General Burnside appears in a few episodes in season six. He is also the main character in the episode Search for Mai Dik (S6E41).

In Search for Mai Dik (S6E41), General Burnside delivers mail to Fün Tits for S'oggy Balls. This is the first and only episode where the audience gets to experience his perspective of the story. Unlike the other main characters, he does not have another voice in his head (voiced by Emre).

While S'oggy Balls tells his revenge story to Crotch Guzzler, General Burnside is entrusted with a letter to Fün Tits detailing the terms of how to get back her Leg of Goat Roast containing Astrid's soul. However, this is not an easy task as Fün is on tour with Frea across Skyrim shaking their booties and he is unable to communicate with humans.

Along his adventure, General Burnside meets Barbas the dog, who he can talk to although their conversation does not help him in any way, and the Ebony Warrior, who challenges him to a fight on a snowy mountain. Both Barbas and the Ebony Warrior are killed. After going through the Ebony Warrior's loot, he finds a letter from the Skyrim offices issuing an order to cover up the two nearly naked dancing women making appearances across Skyrim. They were last spotted on their way to the throat of the world, which is where General Burnside heads to. After all of the trouble, General Burnside finally reaches Fün Tits, who ungraciously receives the mail from him and after a long adventure goes back to his master S'oggy Balls.


  • "My dick."
  • "Woodchuck butt."

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