Lydia was a brave and faithful companion of Fün Tits. She would irritate Fün by obstructing her as well as making sarcastic comments about having to carry Fün's items. She was once mistaken for a hideous gargoyle outside of the Thieves Guild entrance. In Season 4, it was hinted that Fün had a falling out with Lydia saying she had a "little problem." During Season 6, it was revealed that Lydia consumed too many sweetrolls and died.


Lydia has assisted all three dragonborns: Cock Nibbler, Fün Tits, and Crotch Guzzler. She has also encountered S'oggy Balls as well although he only knew her as a gargoyle.

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Lydia in playnord

Lydia when she was assisting drunk Crotch

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