Little Bird works for the Mythic Dawn and exposes Cock Nibbler and Peric for being an undercover agent.

Cock Nibbler first encounters Little Bird when he was spying on Vaden's conversation. Cock Nibbler follows Little Bird to a water well labeled Agent of Righteous Might Headquarters, Nirtius's home turf. Cock enters the well but Little Bird immediately closes the lid on the well, which locked out Erik who he was training at the time. (The Spy Who Bugged Me)

While Peric was prepping the explosion of the Mythic Dawn hideout, Little Bird, arrives to the scene and exposes Peric and Cock as Agents of Stendarr. Little Bird manages to damage the fuel tank before he died forcing Peric to commit suicide to activate the explosion. However, the explosion itself could be avoided since all of the Mythic Dawn members were killed by Cock Nibbler. (The Cook Did It)


Cock Nibbler comments on Little Bird's name as Native American.

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