"Licking Saadia" is the 100th episode in the Skyrim for Pimps series and the 11th episode of Season 6.


Cock Nibbler finds Lydia, his housecarl, and fights an orange dragon but gets knocked cold. (Fün Tits references this as Cock dying in her first episode). Cock wakes up and decides to go to Whiterun to try to reach a courier for a letter from Septimus Signus. Instead, he gets inheritance letter and money for Pappa Waylon.

Cock, nudged by the voice in his head to read, reads the elder scroll but Durak interrupts his reading. Disappointed, he goes to talk to Brad at the bar. Brad was missing but he meets Saadia, a inn keeper, instead. Saadia calls Cock handsome and mentions licking. Cock is waiting for lexicon to be read and bored and Saadia's advances are interesting him. However, Saadia is looking to get rid of her pursuers, a group of Alik'r warriors. Saadia mentions that the Alik'r warriors are on the hunt for her. Cock, a disciple of the Game Society Pimps gods, claims that he did not want her to advance on him anyways and goes to scope out Saadia's situation.

In order to find out the situation, Cock goes to the Whiterun prision to meet a Alik'r warrior captured in prison. Now that cock has money from Pappa Waylon's inheritance, he used it to bail Alik'r in exchange for information. He finds out that the Alik'r warriors are based in the Swindler's Den. Before Cock goes, Cock shows the Alik'r how his butt could be in danger in the prison. He picks up a bandit in a nearby cell and notices fur in the bandit's butt. (The fur is likely to be S'oggy Balls's fur).


Cock Nibbler finding fur sticking out of a dead bandit's butt was in reference to S'oggy Balls (S5E01) when S'oggy is thrown in jail and has skooma withdraws leading him to have butt sex with the bandit's corpse.




Skyrim For Pimps - Licking Saadia (S6E11) - Walkthrough - GameSocietyPimps

Skyrim For Pimps - Licking Saadia (S6E11) - Walkthrough - GameSocietyPimps

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