Letter to Fun Tits is a letter that S'oggyballs wrote and Mai Dik delivered to Fün Tits in the episode "Search for Mai Dik."


Letter to Fun Tits
by S'oggy Balls

this is a litter to fun tits

deer Fun tits. reemember Me?
i am S'oggyballs!

y-your heering this in my voyce arnt you?
i have that affect on peeple

anyway, i have teh soul of your 1 true love astryd inside a leg of goatroast!
if u evar want her soul back meat me on the mountain side neer the magick collage on the third turd ass of the forth month;

exactly therty minits after the son sets and then if you halp me kil Crotch Guzzler, I'll give it back to u!

if u dont show up i'll fuck it and I'll EAT IT and then I'll CRAP IT OFF THE EJ OF A GYANT MOUNTIN TOO DAYS LAYTER

anyway i have to go now so this wil be the end of the litter at this point.
h-honestly I dont reely no how to end litters i'm not i havent dun much of this

for ever you'res S-S'oggyballs

Pee ess pleese dont kil the litl bloo man
hees mai favritist frend of all tyme
i luv him moar then any thing in the wurld
in a reely frendly way

now the litter reely is over!


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