The Leg of Goat Roast is a recurring item essential to the Skyrim for Pimps storyline. The item was originally in Cock Nibbler's inventory.

Story[edit | edit source]

In Crazed Courier (S6E14), Cock Nibbler gives Beitild the leg of goat roast as charity to make up for serving an evil lord, Herman Melville (Hermaeus Mora).

In Fun With Assassinations (S1E4), Fün Tits has a contract to kill Beitild from the Dark Brotherhood. With some difficulty, Fün assassinates Beitild and takes the leg of goat roast in Beitlid's inventory. Fün decides to give this as a gift for Astrid to woo her over but she is unimpressed. She smacks the leg of goat roast across Astrid's face in frustration and leaves it on the table. In later episodes, she notices that Astrid still has not accepted her gift and has left the leg of goat roast on the table where Fün originally put it.

In Walking the Dead (S3E13), Fün Tits asks Crotch Guzzler to retrieve Astrid and the leg of goat roast from the remains of the Dark Brotherhood hideout. Crotch hesitantly revives Astrid. Although he takes picks up the leg of goat roast, he does not give this back to Fün (unconfirmed).

In Revenge of the Pu*s (S5E28), S'oggy Balls loots Crotch's house in the name of revenge, which includes the leg of goat roast. Later in To Kill a Dragonborn, S'oggy Balls tries to give the leg of goat roast to Paarthurnax but the dragon realizes that Astrid's soul is trapped in it.

In To Kill a Dragonborn (S5E29), Fün Tits arrives at the college to get Crotch Guzzler to fix up Astrid. Instead she meets S'oggy Balls who has the leg of goat roast. Knowing that Astrid's soul is trapped in the roast, S'oggy considers giving the roast to Fün but decides against it when Fün mentions how she and Crotch are buddies.

In Skooma Parley (S5E30), S'oggy Balls, baits Fün Tits to kill Crotch Guzzler with him by offering to give her the leg of goat roast.

History of the Leg of Goat Roast[edit | edit source]

  1. Cock Nibbler's inventory
  2. Beitild
  3. Fün Tits
  4. Astrid (on the table)
  5. Fün Tits (in the cave after the destruction of the Dark Brotherhood)
  6. Crotch Guzzler's house
  7. S'oggy Balls
  8. Paarthurnax (briefly)
  9. S'oggy Balls
  10. Fün Tits?

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