Karliah was a former member of the Thieves Guild and member of the Nightingales, along with Brynjolf. She saved S'oggy Balls's life by sowing his d*ck back on after Mercer had severed it.

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Invisible Man JobEdit

Karliah saves S'oggy's d*ck by sowing it back on to his body.

Reading RetartEdit

She has S'oggy go meet Enthir to find evidence that Mercer had indeed betrayed the Thieves Guild. S'oggy finds out about her past and how Mercer and Karliah were dating and had a threesome with Gallus. Mercer got jealous of Gallus and killed him.


Karliah and S'oggy go back to the Thieves Guild headquarters to tell them about Mercer's betrayal. Brynjolf and the others were confrontational but easily swayed by the evidence.

Secret Cake ThiefEdit

Karliah, Brynjolf, and S'oggy head off to Nightingale Hall to become Nightingales, an elite group of thieves serving Lady Nocturnal. They track down Mercer in a Dwemer Ruin to defeat him and get Nocturnal's skeleton key back.

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