Jarl Balgruuf the Greater is the Jarl of Whiterun Hold and resides in Dragonsreach.

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First encounter with Cock Nibbler Edit

After Cock Nibbler survives the attack at Helgen, he travels to Whiterun to turn himself in to be executed. Once he entered the Jarl's presence, Cock tells Balgruuf that he was a prisoner at Helgen and the execution did not happen because a dragon attacked. Although Balgruuf was surprised at Cock's honesty of being on death row, Balgruuf was more concerned about the dragon. Cock did not get the execution he wanted and was instead rewarded for giving him valuable information.

Balgruuf, perhaps impressed at Cock's invincibility, suggests he talk to Farengar, his court wizard, who has something to do for Cock. (Kooky Wizard)

Cock Nibbler retrieves a stone tablet for the court wizard and returns to Dragonsreach. There the Jarl is in fighting stance ready to fight a dragon. The Jarl quickly speaks to him about allowing Cock to buy land in the hold and recruits Cock to fight a dragon.

Cock asks Balgruuf to open the BDSM chamber for dragons Edit

In Dragonsreach, there is a BDSM chamber for dragons. Cock wants to lure a dragon there so he can get some information on where Goat Nibbler, his main enemy, is hiding. Balgruuf in awe that such a thing existed in his castle but does not want a dragon in the castle unless there is a momentary ceasefire in the civil war. Cock Nibbler persuades Arngeir to hold a peace council with the civil war leaders and has a successful meeting at High Hrothgar.

Back at Dragonsreach, the Jarl and his men have prepared the chamber and Cock calls for the dragon Odahviingh for his fun time with Brad the Bard.

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