Hroar (pronounced Aytch-roar) (a.k.a. Hroar Guzzler) was Crotch Guzzler's son, that he adopted with Ysolda, from the orphanage in Riften. He and Runa Fair-Shield moved in with Crotch. He was accidentally murdered by Crotch, while the two were on the roof cleaning off the skulls.

Appearances Edit

Season 1 Edit

Hroar makes a brief cameo in "Quest For The Demon Horse Shadowmere" when Fün Tits visits the Honorhall Orphanage and kills Grelod the Kind.

Season 4 Edit

Crotch went to Riften to adopt children, and due to how he like the name Hroar, he chose him, and Runa to adopt. Hroar liked living in Casa de Crotch, whereas Runa seemed to find it scary. Hroar was accidentally killed by Crotch, whilst he was teaching him how to repair the roof. Hroar kept on dancing, which led to Crotch shouting at him, causing Hroar to fall off the roof to his death.

In a panic, Crotch hid his corpse behind Spanky, his cow, however when he tried to retrieve Hroar, Spanky stood in the way; in a rage Crotch shouts at Spanky, injuring the cow as well as killing a chicken in the process. Shadowmere, in a misguided attempt to aide Crotch, kills Spanky.


Crotch resurrecting Hroar

He revived Hroar as an undead thrall, and the two set out to find the needed ingredients for the pancakes Crotch had sworn to make after acquiring the recipe from Fün. After finding them, Hroar and Crotch returned home and made the pancakes, which were actually poisonous killing Crotch's family (Or so he thought. In Season 5, it's revealed that S'oggy had murdered Crotch's Family in their sleep as revenge for killing his brother J'zargo). In his rage, Crotch burns Hroar alive along with the corpses of his family and then proceedes to set this house ablaze, thus destroying it.

Hroar's corpse, along with the corpses of everyone else that Crotch had murdered were laid out at the College of Winterhold where Crotch apologized to each of them before attempting suicide by jumping off of the bridge that separates the college from Winterhold.

An illusionary Zombie Mega Hroar appears in the episode "Tentacle Storn". In this scene, Fün Tits kills the giant child, who is the final obstacle before the confrontation with "Miraak".

Season 5 Edit

In "Revenge of the Puss", Hroar is seen at the Thieves Guild while his father murders everyone (except S'oggy Balls). Realizing Hroar is Crotch's son, S'oggy takes the opportunity to plant the Ridiculously Distilled Skooma on Hroar as a tracking device in an effort to discover the location of Crotch's home. S'oggy follows the scent, Killing his fellow Khajiits along the way so that they don't get to Skooma before he can have his revenge.


"Hey Pa." (to Crotch)

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