"Heavy Metal Musical" is the episode in the Skyrim for Pimps series and the 30th episode of Season 6.

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  • Game Society Pimps gods summon Cock Nibbler and tells him that they are disappointed in Cock for not completing the main storyline 30 episodes in and killing innocent civilians with his god given power. The gods rid themselves of Cock and sends him back to Nirn.
Iron armor

Iron cock

  • Cock Nibbler ashamed of disappointing the lords decide that he must complete the main storyline and buys simple iron armor and an iron sword and goes look for Brad the Bard who will be able to satisfy the Dragons.
  • Cock goes to the Bannered Mare to find Brad missing. He finds a note on the counter labeled, FOR COCK'S EYES ONLY. It's a note left by Brad's kidnapper and directs Cock to go to the Mysterious Cave near Solitude.
  • Cock arrives at the Mysterious Cave and Brad's kidnapper reveals himself to be Padraig Skelly and a lich.
  • Cock, Brad, and the lich battle with their voices and sing to their tunes. Brad sings a ballad; the lich sings metal; and Cock sings amateur.
  • Cock and the lich battles it out but the lich overpowers Cock. Cock confused in his decline in power falls to the ground. Brad, on the other hand, realize that the cell he was captured in was open all along and heads for the exit.
  • Cock wakes up and sees the lich dead on the floor and Brad standing over him. Brad explains he destroyed the lich's soul by smashing a crystal. Cock, embarrassed, dismisses Brad's heroism and tells Brad if he'll do him a favor.
  • Cock goes back to Jarl Balgruuf who has been readying the "BDSM" chamber to capture a dragon.
  • Cock calls Odahviing and lures him into the trap.
  • Cock negotiates with Odahviing, the dragon tells him where Goat Nibbler is and Brad the Bard sucks Odahviing's dick. The dragon tells Cock that he wants Brad every weekend. Cock tells him to send him an Alfred Text. To counter Odahviing's demand, Cock demands that he takes him there.
  • 5 hours later after Brad is done, Odahviing takes Cock to Skuldafn.
  • Cock struggles without his invincibility but makes it to the entrance to Sovngarde. He fights a dragon priest while its back is turned and enters the portal to Sovngarde.


The Lich - Emre Cihangir
Brad the Bard - Brad Knight
Cock Nibbler - Aaron Yonda


Skyrim for Pimps - Heavy Metal Musical (S6E30) - GameSocietyPimps

Skyrim for Pimps - Heavy Metal Musical (S6E30) - GameSocietyPimps

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