Frea is a companion of Fün Tits' and later her girlfriend.

Story[edit | edit source]

Frea was first encountered at the beginning of Fün's quest to find Miraak at the Temple of Miraak. She teams up with Fün in order to help her defeat Miraak, as he was causing her people to go into a trance. While the pain of losing Astrid and Serana remains fresh, she quickly becomes Fün's newest love interest. Frea, on the other hand shows no interest in Fün.

After Fün disappears into the mysterious land of Library Land to confront Miraak, Cock Nibbler arrives to the shores of Solstheim. He traveled far in hopes to obtain his newest addiction, a drug called snow. After making Brad the Bard collect the drug from a troll's anus, Cock immediately injects the drug into his body and rushes towards the closest settlement. This settlement happens to be Skaal village where Frea lives.

Cock drugs Frea with the drug and has sex with her. After Cock finishes, a intruder by the name of Ancient Traveler sobers up Cock and convinces him to stop the fight between Fün and Crotch Guzzler (Miraak) in Library Land. While this is happening, Frea continues to touch herself.

Once Cock Nibbler arrives to Library Land, he convinces Fün that Astrid and Serana are truly dead and offers Frea as her new girlfriend. Fün, quite aware that Frea was not into her, expresses skepticism but Cock assures her that things will work out with Frea because she is drugged. Fün, elated to have a partner again, decides to take Frea on a dance tour and they shake their booties all across Skyrim.

Later, Fün realizes that the effects of the drug is starting to wear off and asks Cock what to do after he invokes Skooma Parley. Cock shows her how to get the drug snow.

Quotes about Frea[edit | edit source]

  • "Ugggh I gotta save my people... ohh my people... ohh my hoes and peeps," - Fün Tits (Aaron Yonda)
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