The Fellatio farm was the name S'oggy Balls  gave to the Pelagia Farm after mishearing it. It's owned by Servio Pelagia who lives in the city of Whiterun and it is maintained by Gloth and Nimriel.

S'oggy's Blue BallsEdit

S'oggy Balls goes to the Fellatio farm because Aela leaves while S'oggy has his carpet dick on her face, and also Vetle's quest didn't cure his blue balls. S'oggy breaks into the shack situated at the farm because the Fellatio farm isn't open on Turdas. What he found however was a big empty room. S'oggy then leaves and proceeds to kill a chicken with a big dildo and then beats Gloth with it. S'oggy re-enters the shack where his sexual frustration manifests like destiny and he turns into a werewolf where he then beats a guard and cannibalizes his remains. He then proceeds to do the same to Nimriel and Gloth and rapes a cow.

The Companions vs. a Giant Edit

Cock Nibbler stumbles upon the companions fighting a giant. Cock recognizes Aela from Play Nord but she insults him for not helping kill the giant. She then says something about Cornstock Weaknuts .

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