Farkas is a member of the Companions. He is the first Companion member to fight alongside S'oggy Balls to test S'oggy's mettle. Farkas is also the first person to introduce S'oggy Balls to his werewolf form.

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S'oggy Balls Edit

Farkas shows the new recruit, S'oggy, to his room at Jorrvaskr, after S'oggy delivers his sword to Eorlund.

Friendship Smash Edit

Farkas brings S'oggy to his first fight against the Silver Hand and test whether he is worthy enough to be called "Shield Brother." Farkas, being outnumbered by the Silver Hand reveals his werewolf form to S'oggy.

A Little CatDog Edit

After being notified of Skjor's death, Farkas reminisces about the times when Skjor would compare his strength to Ysgramor's.

Sex With Aela Edit

Farkas, Vilkas, Aela, and S'oggy run to the Ysgramor's Tomb to save Kodlak, their former leader, from his inner tony. While all of them enter the Tomb, Farkas decides to stay back before going further. Apparently he is scared of spiders.

After the Companions return to Jorrvaskr, S'oggy pranks Farkas by putting a bunch of frostbite spiders in his bedroom.

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