Faralda is the receptionist and administers the entrance exam at the College of Winterhold.


Proctoring the entrance examsEdit

One of the main jobs that Faralda does is proctoring the entrance exams.

Crotch Guzzler arrives in the city of Winterhold to join College of Winterhold and is met by Faralda guarding the entrance to the college. He tells her that he just wants to fuck people up with ice and fire, and this is why he's joining the college. Crotch passes the entry test she gives him, which makes him officially a student. (A Pimp Goes to College)

Similarly, when Cock Nibbler arrives at the college, Faralda is waiting for him to admisiter the entrance exam. However, Cock only want to visit the Arcanium so he can obtain the Elder Scroll. Cock Nibbler tells her about the elder scrolls but he is told that he has to perform some magic to gain entry. He performs a little magic and he becomes formally enrolled at the College of Winterhold even though he has no intent on staying. (Winterhold SUCKS)

Saving the collegeEdit

After Ancano kills Savos Aren, the dean, Faralda and Crotch go down to protect the city of Winterhold from the disaster going on at the college. After killing the attacking creatures, Faralda turns down multiple advances from Crotch. (The Staff of Boredom)

The demise of the College of WinterholdEdit

Like the rest of the College of Winterhold, Faralda was killed by the Arch-Mage, Crotch Guzzler, after he went insane and became a serial killer. We see him blast Faralda off the College twice in the Episode Crotch vs Winterhold. But in Season 5 Episode 27 Skooma Face , It is stated in Crotches "Boredom Journal aka the only good book ever written" that he blasted Faralda out the window 23 Times before she was "Finally Fucking Dead"



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