Delvin Mallory was a member of the Thieves Guild and an assignment giver to S'oggy Balls. Delvin was most noticeable of having an incomprehensible accent due to S'oggy constantly misinterpreting what was said.

Appearances Edit

Season 1 Edit

In "Werewolf Wedding Crasher," Fün Tits goes to the Thieves Guild HQ to drop off an amulet for Delvin. Presumably, this is when she meets S'oggy Balls and receives the werewolf blood, which she later uses to maul at a wedding.

Season 4 Edit

In "Fun with George Lucas," Crotch Guzzler goes to the thieves guild to obtain a pancake ingredient. He steals the necessary "5 Videos returned late to Blockbuster" and kills almost everyone present in the Thieves Guild, including Delvin.

Season 5 Edit

Delvin was introduced to S'oggy Balls during S'oggy's first exposure to the Thieves Guild. He was responsible for sending S'oggy out on fishing, numbers and bedlam jobs. Delvin was murdered by Crotch Guzzler when Crotch was looking for the "5 videos returned late to Blockbuster" for his pancake recipe.

Trivia Edit

  • Was described as having the coolest voice in all of Skyrim by Emre.
  • Enjoys eating Horker Loaf.

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