"Dark Sisterhood" is the 121st episode in the Skyrim for Pimps series and the 32nd episode of Season 6.

Episode notesEdit

  • Cock Nibbler is at the Bannered Mare sad that his Game Society Pimps gods haven't reached out to him after defeating Goat Nibbler. After consulting with the voice in his head, Cock Nibbler starts building Cock Tower to impress his gods. He enlists his groupie to follow him and construct err... dance while he constructs Cock Tower.
  • During the construction, he kills the Goblin King and collect the dragon priest masks by defeating the dragon priests.
  • During the construction, the sky goes black and the sun look like an anus (In reference to Grudge Match of the Century (S3E12)).
  • His groupie starts dying from hunger and Cock Fus Roh Dahs the dead woman into the sky. The dead bodies accumulate in the Game Society Pimps gods' residence. Adam Koralik shouts down to Cock to condemn him.
  • Crotch Guzzler is seen building a house for his family.
  • S'oggy Balls is smashing the people of Whiterun in the chaos caused by a Skooma shortage.
  • Fün Tits tells Astrid and Serana to pack up because they're going to revive the Dark Brotherhood. They travel to Dawnstar, stop by at The Oracles and enter their new headquarters.
  • Fun talk to Babette as well as the new recruits Averna and Stabby.


Skyrim for Pimps - Dark Sisterhood (S6E32) - GameSocietyPimps

Skyrim for Pimps - Dark Sisterhood (S6E32) - GameSocietyPimps

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