"DON'T ATTACK THE CHICKENS" is the pilot episode of the Skyrim For Pimps series and the first episode of Season 1. This episode also has a second name mentioned during the episode's intro: "Dope Overview." It is centered around Cock Nibbler, who is sidelined by Fün Tits for the rest of the season.


In the first scene of the series, Aaron witnesses Emre steering a horse falling down a mountain. Emre tells Aaron that the horse noises are the reason that you buy Skyrim, but the reason you keep Skyrim is for all the other stuff in it.

Continuing with the rest of the video, we see Cock Nibbler being created in Skyrim's character creator. This is accompanied by hilarious comparisons of the races of Skyrim to characters or items in pop culture. When Skyrim actually begins, we witness the dragon named Goat Nibbler (Alduin as it is known in the Elder Scroll series) attacking the town of Helgen. Some of the citizens were certainly more affected by this event than others.

Cock Nibbler is assumed to escape Helgen, as he greets us, with no armor to speak of, killing chickens and starting a town brawl. The citizens of Skyrim consider the killing of a chicken a serious offense. Heading off north, Cock arrives to the outskirts of Whiterun defeating the second dragon he encounters, Filth Nibbler. This is done in his flame retardant underwear. After failing to raise the defeated Filth Nibbler as a zombie, Cock creates a moose zombie instead. Cock Nibbler is disappointed to learn that the moose zombie was unable to engage in combat at all.

After a loading screen that definitely wasn't long (at all), we are introduced to two sporting activities: a rawr-off and bowling with giants. A rawr-off is essentially taunting a giant and having it taunt you back to display dominance. This is usually followed by bowling with giants, which consists of being hit into the air with their massive clubs. There is not much of an objective to bowling with giants, but giants are able to achieve great height with their swings.

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Skyrim For Pimps - DON'T ATTACK THE CHICKENS! (S1E01 - Pilot)-0

Skyrim For Pimps - DON'T ATTACK THE CHICKENS! (S1E01 - Pilot)-0

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